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Chip Card Protection at your Point of Sale

With the total cost of fraud in the US estimated at $8.6 billion per year, the card associations are migrating to chip
technology, also known as EMV. EMV cards contain an embedded chip that validates the payment card and the identity of the person using it. This adds an important layer of security that prevents the use of counterfeit, lost or stolen cards and reduces skimming. In time, merchants who have not upgraded to EMV- enabled equipment will be exposing themselves to liability for any fraud losses that occur.

User-friendly Features

The FD35 device features an ergonomic keypad, visual display prompts, and lights and audio cues, which simplify the payment process. It’s an ideal solution for merchants who need to handle a high volume of small-ticket transactions and wish to be ready for future security guidelines

Industries Served

Suited for all retail environments, especially:

  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail/specialty shops
  • Grocers

Help Your Business

  • Protect your customers through multiple layers of security
  • Meet current and future compliance requirements
  • Increase store traffic through reduced checkout times
  • Process more purchases in high-volume merchant environments
  • Drive consumer loyalty with alternative payment types like mobile and contactless
  • Win repeat business by generating and redeeming offers with mobile customers

Help Your Customer

  • Maintain control of the payment process without having to hand over their card
  • Eliminate concerns about unauthorized use of their card
  • Make purchases using the payment method of their choice
  • Spend less time waiting in line
  • Stay informed throughout the payment process through easy-to-follow visual and audio prompts


  • Accepts PIN-secured and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, STAR® Network transactions, gift and EBT cards
  • Accepts chip-and-PIN-enabled cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless cards, mobile phone payments, and key fobs
  • PCI-PED approved device
  • Protected by advanced technologies, including chip-and PIN (aka EMV) technology, the First Data TransArmor ® solution, and one-time card number technology on certain contactless transactions, which includes STAR CertFlash™ for contactless transactions, via the STAR ® Network
  • Open payments software that is innovation-agnostic as new payment types emerge
  • Easy USB connectivity to First Data-certified terminals
  • Does not require a separate power supply
  • Interactive payment process with lights and audio cue

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